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I am an independent developer, passionate about creating video games

It is with enthusiasm that I devote a part of my free time to designing and creating video games. I also offer my expertise to help materialize your ideas and bring your own gaming worlds to life.


Explore my range of games, including one title already available and another in development.

2k48 - Mobile Game on Android

2k48 - Mobile Game on Android

Move and merge identical tiles to combine them

Discover a reimagined version of the famous game 2048!

Use the powerful lightning bonus wisely, which merges certain tiles from a distance.
Plus, fear no more mistakes, as you have the unique ability to undo and go back to adjust your strategy.

In this adaptation, you have the choice among four stunning graphical versions to personalize your experience.

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PC game in development

Dive into the world of computer hacking with this typing game

Explore an operating system using command consoles.

Step into the shoes of a hacker as you embark on a series of captivating typing mini-games, challenging your skills and testing your speed.
Explore, learn, and master commands in this game that promises a typing experience like no other.

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Kaya Games - PC game in development

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